Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's really 2009?

I'm a bit behind on this but the last week has been crazy. We had about 25 ppl over for a lovely New Years shindig, and work has me wanting to run away to a beachy lifestyle. I really cannot believe it is 2009. It has been one hell of a ride, and while one of the best days of my life happened it 2008, I can honestly say that I am happy it is over.

There were some rough and not so pleasant times (a nice way to say shitty, lol)

the hives*wedding drama* My brothers car accident(s) *My moms accidents(s)* my car accident.

It's really the latter that has affected me (obviously) the most and truly changed my life as i know it now. It's been a long ride so far and I''m trying to stay positive.

There were fun, exciting, and hysterical times:

Our trip to Tunica (I'm trying to talk mr b into going back this spring) and my first sight of COTTON!
Steph's wedding (and my fall down the aisle)

Our honeymoon. (and the burn to remember) While it was not the hm i envisioned (between the burn and my back--we were a hot mess, lol) it was our honeymoon. I'm hoping for a 2nd hm this May (and im packing SPF 100000)

Summer nights at the B household. Drinks, friends, and Guitar Hero. Could you ask for more?

And the newest addition to the family. Piper. She has turned this dog lover into a pet lover.....and has me wrapped around her little paws.

Then there were the best of times-----which mostly consisted of anything wedding related which by wedding related I mean the actual wedding. :)

And here to 2009: To health, happiness, passion and life.


Katie said...

What a cute post!

Maria said...

It really is hard to believe that it's 2009!