Monday, March 10, 2008

Ok, i'm it!

I was tagged a few times or so! I have been crazy busy so i will post my 7 things...and i am too lazy to tag anyone so if you read this.....YOUR IT!

1. My mom and I have the same birthday. I tell her that I don't owe her any presents because I gave her the best one of i lame or what? I bring this one up because my birthday was Thursday, and I am still reeling from the depressive fact that i am another year older. My 20's are almost over. That is not cool.

2. I almost died when i was 2 1/2. I was in a coma for a while...and i have a nice scar on my head to show for it. (oh and on my thigh too.) My mom was young when she had me (She just turned 49, and i turned 29) and didn't know about the whole kids can't have aspirin thing. I was sick with a fever on Halloween and later my eyes rolled back in my head. I developed Reyes Syndrome, and a lot of kids don't make it. Luckily, I'm still here today! :)

3. I hate clowns. Enough said. I can thank my grandma for this. Anyone seen Killer Clowns from Outer space? Hmmm...try watching it when you are 5!!!!! I am scarred for life.

4. I love magazines. Love. My obsession is kind of weird. Anything in a magazine form excites me. Catalogs. Anything. Actually, i just love getting mail period. Except bills. Those suck! :)

5. I am in grad school getting my masters and certification in Early Childhood Special Ed. I am so burnt out, and contemplate quitting but i hate not finishing things so ill finish just for that reason. I love my job now, and wonder why i went back in the first place. The sad thing is that before i went back to school, i actually missed it.

6. Speaking of missing things. I still miss college. I love my life here, and i love my friends here but there are times when i would love to go back for a few days or so. I miss my friends that I don't see the most. Email sometimes isn't enough. I have become a huge sentimental sap since leaving college, and i have come to terms with that part of me now. lol. Go tigers!

7. When i was little, I was a big tomboy. I loved to hang out with the boys and get dirty. While I don't mind getting dirty, I am girly girl throughout. I love anything girly--pink, lace, shoes, purses. I love it all. My wost obsession is jeans. I swear i have 6,000 pairs. Well, not really but i have a lot. Hopefully, my ass will get to the gym so that i can fit into them again, lol.

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Mary said...

Happy belated birthday, Amy! I will enter my thirties this year, gulp, so can definitely relate to that "I'm getting old" feeling.

I know what you mean about getting burned out on grad school. Some days I think I could just leave and never go back (not that I would) and be happy. But we've worked way too hard to get where we are. Just a...little..while...longer!