Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nine months {bennett}

Likes: Mommy, nursing, eating, anything in puff form, playing with doors, opening drawers and pulling things out, the dishwasher, the dog,

Dislikes: Sleeping alone, being away from mommy,

Yummies: Benny boy is still nursing up a storm. While he loves to nurse, kiddo loves his bottles. He gets this giddy laugh when he see's me packing them up and it's adorable. You are starting to really love table foods. Cheese is one of your favorites and will shovel it in like there is no tomorrow. I gave you some strawberries this month and lets just say they were an obvious hit.

Sleep: I'm not sure I've ever mentioned this but Benny, you are the biggest cuddle bug that you even love to cuddle with your blankies. You love to hold onto one while you sleep, the softer the better. It's precious. Not officially attached to one but it's cute and sweet. Your sleep has gone a bit downhill this month but it was to be expected after surgery. I've been really lax about it and your still in our bed which isn't boding well for your love/hate with your crib. You really spent a good solid 5-6 days straight with mommy and I'm not sure that helped your separation anxiety but we'll get back there. Mommy sure is a sucker for you!

Growth:  At your nine month visit, you were 17.8 pounds and 28 inches (I need to double check this is right) but a week later when you got weighed for your surgery, you had gained more than 1/2 a pound! I've noticed lately we had to move into a lot of bigger clothes and are in more clothes coordinating to your age now. Six month clothes no longer fit. Rachel (sitter) said she thought you grew two inches while you were gone (you didn't go for a week after your surgery!) You do seem much longer but I think you're still just a little peanut!

Surgery: I hope this is your one and only my dear but you were such a big boy through it all. It was rough to see you like that and it hurt my heart but seeing you feel better fixed that.
You got a doggie! You love her too.

You are so much more interactive with your brother I've noticed more so this month that you guys are really playing together. I mean you would play with Brady before but now you're interacting back and forth and it's just the best thing ever. You light up around him and I know how much you look up to him already.

First trip to the park!

First Easter !
Oh, bubs, love you lots. 

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