Saturday, June 22, 2013

Eleven. {bennett}

Oh, kiddo. It's been a BIG month. Eleven must be your lucky number, huh? A lot of firsts. A lot.   

Likes: His family, Georgia (his dog,) animals, playing with Brady, being with the big kids, berries, playing outside, wagon rides, chasing Brady, wrestling with Brady, stealing Brady's sippies, nursing, making your 'mean' face, crawling/climbing on things you're not supposed to, being tickled, kisses, giving kisses. You just love everything! You and Brady have this little game that you do that you find to be just downright hilarious. You both crawl and you chase each other.

Dislikes: Sitting still, diaper changes, being left alone, being splashed (in tub or water table)

Yummies/Food: Oh, boy. This kid can eat. Favorites are still any kind of berry, blackberries are on the top of the list. Grilled cheese, bread, peas, macaroni and cheese (plain noodles, not so much,) and hard boiled eggs are top on your list. There isn't much you don't like but some days you can be kind of finicky. You're still nursing like it's the best thing in the world but you have really cut down on your sessions and it's nice but sad at the same time. A whole entire post will be coming on this because it's really been amazing to almost (one more month, buddy!) make it an entire year. Going into it, I had no idea how long we'd make it and here we are. You tend to want to snuggle/nurse first thing in the am, you'll have two bottles at the sitter and then you might nurse when you get home but sometimes you just wait till bedtime.

Sleep: Well, this is huge kid. Huge. Mommy moved you to YOUR bed, finally. No more excuses and mommy was just ready and tired. Plus, I think you were getting woken up from your brother in the mornings and you were to restless. The first night in there you STTN, there were a few nights you've gotten up once or twice but for the most part, you sleep and sleep well. I hope I don't jinx it but it's been awesome. All of this good stuff even when you got your FIRST TOOTH! I can't believe it but FINALLY. Looks as you'll be getting  more pretty soon too.

Personality: Your personality keeps on growing and you are just a ham. You still love to do anything your brother is doing but you have this recent obsession with the fireplace hearth and it makes mommy nervous/crazy. You crack up when you get up there, it's hard not to laugh. You make this 'mean' face and I die everytime I see it. It's hard not to chuckle at it and along with it you make a snorting nose. Hilarious. You are just so silly and I love watching your personality grow.

You do this crab walk thing when you get outside and you only do it outside. Don't wanna get dirty, eh?

SLEEPING in your crib and through the night.


Blow kisses

First word. Doggie and Georgia. Georgia comes out only in a screaming, high pitched sound and it's cute as can be. I didn't believe Daddy when he said you were saying it but sometimes it's clear as can be.

First ice cream cone. I believe it was MY ice cream cone till I let you have a lick and you claimed it as your own or had a death grip on it and I wasn't able to get it back. Loved it.

Oh, sweet boy. I can't believe you are almost one. 

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