Monday, February 22, 2010

The flip side to Motherhood.

Motherhood is not always easy, and while I feel like it is all worth it, there are often struggles. Brady is still so young, and I know we have tons of 'struggles' ahead of us from not wanting to go to bed, or wanting to wear underwear on his head, or to wanting to stay out late.


He is still a baby and when you are a new mom you have this delusional dream in your head that life would be perfect. You would take him out to shop, and everyone would look at him and smile, because he is just the most perfect baby. The house would be clean, and dinner would be a elaborate 5 course meal. You would put your feet up and watch Oprah, and eat Carmel truffles, and life would just be bliss.

Then, you wake up from that dream. That is if you have time to dream in the little slots of time you call sleep.

Some days naps are not in his itinerary.

Sleeping through the night? Ha, he laughs at that.

The hours of 6-8 are now deemed the witching hour at our house.

You take one day at a time.

Then, you take that day and want to curse it.

Being a parent isn't always puppy dogs and rainbows.

Being a working parent can be ugly when you are sleep deprived and unsure of how you will get through the day.

But you do.

Some days there are more tears than laughter.

and that is okay.

Having a baby with horrible reflux has shown me that we can handle just about anything. We might cry tears of frustration, or want to scream at the top of our lungs.

and that is okay too.

You know in the end it is so worth it.

I met a mom last week who has a kid with reflux, and our stories were the same, even down the the bf issues. She said it was so bad that they thought he might be an only child. At six months, things got better.

Then that light at the end of the tunnel was so bright, I could almost feel it.

BUT apparently, I have another two months to be able to see it clearly.

and we will wait patiently.......


Mrs.Tron said...

Oh my goodness, hearing you talk about the witching hour brings back so many memories I had already forgotten. Bella went through the same thing around Brady's age. It was horrendous. 2-3 hours a night of continuous crying and refusal to eat before she finally crashed. Wow, it's amazing what you forget in such a short period of time, lol. Sounds like you guys are doing great!

Meredith said...

Witching hour happens at the same time here!

Stephanie said...

Hang in there! It will get better, especially when he starts eating more solid type foods. That really helps! You are doing fabulous and I love reading your posts. They are so honest and so encouraging!

Mary said...

As always, I appreciate your honesty. I really don't know how you function on so little sleep, especially now that you're back to work. Like you said, I guess you just do it because you have to. It must be so difficult to see him suffer because of his reflux. Poor Brady:( I hope he's better soon.

Angie said...

That was a great post, because it was so honest. That's why I think being a parent is so amazing, because it is so challenging. I hope things get better soon for you and your fam.

Lisa said...

It is not always easy, but you will get through it!! Hang in there momma!

Oh and 7pm is the witching hour at our oh man!

Amanda said...

You said it sister! We still wouldn't change it for the world though!

Stephanie said...

You guys are amazing parents and I know you'll get through this. Good luck!!

Julia said...

I definitely don't expect puppy dogs and rainbows, nor any of the things in your paragraph about what new moms expect. So I guess that's good for me!

And I really feel like moms will say things like, 'Oh wait until 3 months...that's a magical time when it all gets better' and then they are like 'no, 6 months....that is when they are less fussy' and then you hear a year and so on. Really, I'm thinking all stages of babies and kids are different and challenging in their own ways, you know?

Hang in there, you seem to be taking both the good and the bad in stride!

Lisa said...

Oh Amy, I here you. This IS me, WILL be me...what have you... Having a child with reflux sucks and we need moments to be able to say that and acknowledge it. And, then, I remember how blessed I am a plow ahead. Although, I've also been coping for 4 weeks, not 4 months... Here's to hoping that our babies miraculously get better sooner rather than later.

N. said...

I love reading these insight posts, Amy. Keep up the amazing work!

The Wilson's said...

Our mantra for times like this - It's just a phase, this will pass. It's just a phase, things will get better!!!