Wednesday, June 10, 2009

19 weeks and the much anticiapted belly

(it's a really craptastic pic but I was told these posts are useless without pics, lol! I look muy largo. That means very big for you non-spanish speaking peoples.)

I look back and thought that getting to 19 and 20 weeks would take forever! Well, here I (er...we) are!

No updates on the names....still can't agree. Any ideas? I know we have a good 20ish weeks but it's not looking good! I can't really call him nugget when he comes out now can I? ( would be a unique name)

I went out and caved. I had to buy some baby stuff. Plus, my mom is crazy excited and has bought a few things too! It's so hard not to buy everything, it is all so damn cute! Plus, she got us some diapers and I KNOW we can put that to good use!

I am hoping to clear out the nursery this weekend. This room was used as a 'let's just throw random crap in there' room. Books, clothes, purses....yep, his room was my 2nd closet. I am really at a dead end when it comes to bedding :( Speaking of bedding and the nursery, I really am starting to feel like I need to get my butt in gear with everything. I know we have plenty of time but projects around here seem to take longer than most normal peoples (and I think it might have to be due to the fact that Blake is the least handy person on the planet! I am thinking of enlisting someone to help me put the crib together when we get it--he's THAT bad!)

Speaking of Blake.....on the way home from the grocery store, I told him that I got the yummiest ice cream. He goes, and I swear to you, he said this (he swears he was joking but I beg to differ.)

"Amy, if you want to have a 7 pound baby (when did i say that?) you really onloy should gain 7 pounds." Again, he swore he was joking but of course, I got defensive and explained to him that weight gain when with pregnancy isn't just baby.

What to Expect breaks it down like this:
It’s pretty much a given that you won’t be giving birth to a 25-to-35-pound baby. And that’s a very good thing. Want to know where the rest of those pounds settle? For a 30-pound weight gain, they’ll be distributed approximately like this:
  • Baby: 7.5 pounds (I like this part...this part is good, but could you give him a small head?)
  • Placenta: 1.5 pounds (holy hell, and some people eat that? ugh!)
  • Amniotic fluid: 2 pounds
  • Uterine enlargement: 2 pounds
  • Maternal breast tissue: 2 pounds (in my case I swear it's like ten pounds, lol!)
  • Maternal blood volume: 4 pounds
  • Fluids in maternal tissue: 4 pounds (um, ew?)
  • Maternal fat stores: 7 pounds (Dear lord, please let this be true!)

I got for a 20 week check-up on Monday, so we'll get to see how much weight i've put on (cuz that is what every woman wants to hear right?) Plus, I will finally get to see my OB after that Down's testing thing and get to ask her a ton of questions!


Jennelle said...

You're almost halfway there! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW... you look muy bonita!!! Honestly you are one of the cutest pregnant woman I've seen. CONGRATS!

Anonymous said...


And I'll come over to help put the crib together. Good practice, right? Besides, I pretty much rock and things like that. :)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Geez that picture just wont do it..we need (deserve) better..hehe:)

We have no name yet and our nursery must be the same as yours...random stuff everywhere!!! We have a lot of work ahead of us for sure.

Also, I keep reading the book where I am supposed to be weight wise and I am over capacity here..haha

mxq said...

you look so cute!!! i love it!

Sarah said...

super adorable baby bump! :)

LC said...

YAY for the bump pictures! Keep them coming! You look great :)

Katie said...

Amy, don't worry at all about weight gain. It will come off so fast when the baby comes, especially if you bf. You look great!!

Bethwyn said...

Don't forget water retention! I gained over 40lbs in swelling when I was preg with my first. That's an awful lot of water!

Your belly pic is gorgeous! And choosing names is really, really hard. You don't want to make a mistake, you don't want it to be too common or too unique, you need to both agree (the hardest part of all!), it's just a stressful process. Good luck!

Maria said...

Aww, you look cute mamma!!! :-)

Mary said...

Amy, you are so freaking funny. I love reading your blog. You look fantastic and not at all muy largo:)

jlc said...

a. you're adorable
b. stop being so funny
c. i'm hooked and a new follower now!