Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The nitty gritty down and dirty. well, kind of!

I have had several hundred (ok, not THAT many) requests for belly pics. I will try and get one tomorrow--15 weeker one!

I have thought about what some of you and other people have said about wanting to know all about pregnancy. Well, let me put it out on the table right here!

Who knew my boobs would turn blue. Ok, not really but the highway of veins makes me wonder where they came from.

I am congested all the time. Yep. Who knew it was a pregnancy thing. By the way, some people's allergies get worse too. Get use to saying 'bless you' every ten minutes if you're around me! (or like Blake tell me that he doesn't have time to tell me each time)

Brushing your teeth becomes like Russian Roulette. You do it as fast and efficiently as possible to refrain from gagging yourself and puking.

Burping. I sound like a ten year old boy that just chugged a gallon of Pepsi. Coworkers are so used to it by now it doesn't even phase them.

Oh, and digestion issues, one word-- Constipation.

Food. Let's talk about food because it really goes with the subject of pee and poo and bodily functions. Apparently, your organs and innards are all mushed around because of the baby...which makes less room for....your stomach and bladder. (Those are two things that shouldn't be used in the same sentence again.) I am starving so I eat. I swear ten minutes later....I'm starving AGAIN!

Speaking of bladder..... I miss sleeping through an entire night. Sadly, I don't think i will be doing that for a long damn time. I love you interrupted blissful slumber. So, you ladies who are planning to get knocked up....enjoy your sleep now!

Oh, and sleeping comfortably? So, what is that? I'm a stomach sleeper so that is obviously not gonna work. Trying to get myself to sleep on my side but it sucks worse than many other things.....(besides having a sleeping dog who farts under the covers, and climbs out... Yes. My dog sleeps UNDER the covers. She is weird but we love her anyway. Stinkiness and all) Did you know that by 16 weeks you cannot sleep on your back? So, side sleepin' it is!

Who knew that I'd use the word uterus as much as i have lately.

Who knew that I'd write a blog post about my blue boobies?

Who knew that my brain will fail to function so badly that I show up at the wrong meeting.(and it only took me for them not to show up to realize it) Yep. I did that. Even after looking at my calendar 4 times that day.

Who knew that I'd tell my husband that I love him 346 times in an hour and that I hate him (ok, hate is a harsh word, more like i can't stand you right now kind of thing) 694 times in an hour. Yes, hello crazy mood swing lady.

So, since this post is in dire need of a picture. I will leave you with a picture of my other babies--who are both after the same thing....

..............a fly. I love how they both have their paws up!


Angie said...

Awesome post. I like hearing what people are really going through.
Awesome pic of the animals!

Emily said...

If babies didn't come out so darn cute why would anyone ever get pregnant! ;-) haha
Sorry your body doesn't cooperate like it used to. Thanks for fillin' us in!

Sarah said...

i know you're not comfortable and you're experiencing some less-than-fun symptoms of pregnancy, but at least you have turned it into humor that your friends can enjoy :)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I hear ya sister... all of this sounds so excited I can't wait

Maria said...

I also like hearing what it is REALLY like. Thank you for sharing Amy!!

Mary said...

Love your honesty! If being pregnant makes you constipated, I'm screwed! But are Lily and Piper trying to get at something outside or away from the hormonal monster inside?