Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Halloween post.

How can you dress your kiddos up and not post about it? I've been looking forward to this for a while. Brady's at that age where he is so much fun, gets so excited about things and is just so funny.
Brady's first pumpkin carving attempt. Well, he didn't carve it but he helped draw the face. I just loved it. It's ready to go in the trash but had to wait till after Halloween so we could avoid a total meltdown.
A coworker gave me a few clothes from her three boys and I had to try it on and have fun with this one. I might be biased but he's the cutest pumpkin I've seen!

When we started talking about Halloween, Brady heard candy and didn't care much about it other than wanting candy right NOW! Then, it got closer and we started talking more about it.

He had told me he wanted to a be a train from the get-go but every time I asked him what train, I'd get a different answer.

Thomas. Percy. Hiro. James. Rosie. Emily. Percy. Kevin.

I wondered who the heck this Kevin guy he had been talking about!

Finally, he went back and forth between Percy and Thomas.

A few days ago, his vote was Percy. Then, we went out and bought paint and he picked, blue for Thomas.

Then, he told me he wanted to be Percy.

Sigh. So, we agreed he'd be Thomas since we already had the paint.

It's funny because months ago, I thought I was ahead of the game. I had a few tutorials (here and  here ) saved and the boxes and most of the pieces ready to go. Uh, then the kitchen stuff happened, we've had sickness, after sickness go through our house and then, there was no time.

I had put the 'train' together and needed to paint and put all the details on it, which finally happened the night before. Oh well. I might have lost sleep and the house looked like a train hit (har har) but it was all worth it.

He told me he had SO much fun. "Mommy, I had lotsa fun!"

 "I have to say, 'Cheeeeeese, mommy!" He was so excited, I think he could hardly contain himself!!!
 I mean, how cute is Benny as Sir Tophem Hat? I can't handle the hat. I'm obsessed with it.
 I was so suprised he wore it. I had asked him before I spent time on the details and he told me he would wear it. Wear it he did! He was such a trooper and I had even asked him if I could carry it for him and he said, No! By the end of the night and after about 45 minutes, he was done and ready to reap his rewards.

Blinded by the flash, Thomas lost his head after the 2nd house. Poor Thomas. I've promised to put him back on so that he could continue to play with him.

I swear, this was the best Halloween ever. I said that last year but this year was double the fun.


Julia said...

aww, poor Thomas without a face! I actually screwed the two boxes together at that point using a plastic screw and bolt-thingy. :) We are all ready to play with our Thomas here, too! Mostly he just likes to look at it and say, 'Hi' though:)

tiffibug said...

Holy cuteness! You did an awesome job on that train. I'm in love with Benny's top hat.