Monday, May 17, 2010

You know your a mom.....

You know your a mom when............
When you leave your child to take a shower and you come back to see your child jumping up and down in the exersaucer, dancing in his own poop.

Yep. True story. I can't make this crap up. No pun intended.

When your son pukes you catch it in your hand like it's no big deal and your friend who has no kids looks at you in utter disgust.

When the 26th of each month rolls around, you find yourself sad that your child is another month older, but excited for what is to come.

You truly know what sleep deprived is when you lock your keys in a car that has technology that doesn't allow that to actually happen, and the same day you realize you put on your underwear on backwards, and you have spit up on your pants.

You thought your heart went to mush when you saw your husband with a tiny newborn he had no idea how to hold. Just wait until he gets old enough to laugh at his silly faces. Then, you will know mush.

You watch your child playing with his own shadow and it makes you smile. Not because it's a funny sight but because you love to see him exploring the world around him and realize that he just discovered something new.

That the babyproofing aisle in Babies R US can bring on a full fledged PANIC attack.

You hear your child babbling while he is playing and you look at yourself and find yourself in tears because you can't believe your tiny baby is growing so fast.

You hold your arms up just so he can hold his up to you.

The time that you consider 'sleeping in' is a time that you used to think was SO early.

The best part of your day is when you wake up and pick him up after work because the look on his face makes your heart melt.

Those people you couldn't believe left the house like that? Well, you ARE those people.

You look at your life now, and you cannot believe how much it has changed. Those Johnson commercials were right when they said, 'a baby changes everything.' From the time you get up to the time you go to bed, to all that is in between. Your whole life has changed and you wonder when it happened because you never noticed it, and you can't remember your life before him. You just notice that your heart has grown, and there is one tiny being that you can thank for that.


Sarah said...

i love these posts!!
i can't ever imagine catching my old child's vomit, though ;)

Maria said...

These really are the sweetest posts Amy. :)

Amanda said...

So, so true. :)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I Love Love Love these post b/c I can relate soooo much. The underwear comment..this has happened so much I dont' even know which way my underwear goes on?AND i catch puke in my hands at least 3 time a big deal right?

Kirsten said...

I think I have a reflex now, when Stella burps, my hand automatically goes under her chin.

N. said...

I can't wait!! ;)