Sunday, March 13, 2011

Giveaway #3: Pretty Neat!

It's no lie that I'm an organization junkie. I love organization but I'm so scattered, overwhelmed and my to do lists are taking over my house. I can't delegate to anyone because I'm such a control freak. Yep. I am admitting it loud and clear people. I'm a control freak and admitting it is the first step.

It's one of my biggest issues as a working mom. I am slowly trying to learn to delegate more to others but I have a hard time letting go and letting others do it their way.  I remember shortly after we bought our house I asked Blake if he could fold the towels in an attempt to delegate a few of the gazillion things on my growing to-do list. I cringed at the sight of them in our linen closet and spent 20 minutes refolding them all. Then, along came Brady and I think I went from 'control freak' to lunatic. This was how it had to be done and I'm the only one who can do it right.  I remember at my most sleep deprived, crazed state, I finally had to surrender. I can't do it all.

None of us can.

Aside from my status as a control freak my biggest organizational issue is I shove everything into a pile. Everything goes into a pile and my piles turn into mass chaos. It drives Blake crazy and our priest had even mentioned it during our wedding ceremony which had turned into a running joke. In the end, I find myself overwhelmed with my imperefect organization and dream of my house looking like 'org porn' displayed across the internets and in every magazine.

 Which leads me to this book, 'Pretty Neat' by Alicia Rockmore and Sarah Welch. They are the creators of buttoned up Organizational Products. I've recently become addicted to their website which is chock full of ideas, tips and these awesome free printables.

The book itself has really changed the way I look at things. I'm no longer searching for my house to look like those magazines but a version that we can work with and that we can manage. What I liked best is that it breaks down each of my imperfect organizational issues and explores ways to change them without leaving you wanting to pull your hair out. Each chapter is full of tips, interviews and ideas from busy people, a lot of which are moms. Pretty Neat tackles the biggest issues in my life from learning to say that big N word (NO!), tackling your to-do lists, toy tsunamis, eliminating your own excuses and even mastering home-cooked meals. The book starts out a chapter called, "Establish A New Standard." and this chapter itself really spoke to me. We all have our own versions of perfection and put so much pressure on ourselves to to be that way when we are the only ones who find that it really matters.

"The thing that is really hard, and amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning to the work on becoming yourself." -Anna Quindlen

I'm excited to share a copy with one of you!

  • Tell me your biggest organizational issue
  • Tell me a funny story about how you hide your organizational disasters! 
  • Go to the Buttoned Up site and tell me something you found there!
You can get an entry for each one!

ENTER by March 18th and I'll pick a winner on Saturday March 19th!

You can pick up your own copy of Pretty Neat here!

 Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of Pretty Neat in exchange for a review and I provided my own honest opinion.


Cheryl said...

I have 5 kids, I have too many organizaitonal issues to list, lol!
One of my biggest problem areas is my desk/office. I am incapable of keeping it clean in there no matter what I try. I need serious help.
When it gets really bad and we are having people over, I just throw everything on the desk into a box and put the box up in my room. Then it sits there until I realize I'm missing something and I have to go dig it out of the box.
I love those kids lego storage boxes. They would be so cute in my boys' room. Too bad they aren't in the US yet.

Joline said...

Can I have everything as an organizational issue? If not, then, I guess my biggest issue is papers. I have papers all over any surface in the house. I never file them until I have to clean off the desk (they end up there after I have cleaned off other surfaces). If a new surface appears in our house (e.g. the ironing board is left out) within a day, there are papers all over it.

If I need to clean off the table quickly, I just pile all the papers in the window sill. They usually sit there and get dusty before I move them.

On the buttoned up site, I saw pet tips which I will probably explore further.

Sherry L. said...

My biggest issue is that I try to be overly organized and my system was way too complicated! I have been scaling back and simplifying things for months, but I still get bogged down in how to organize.

The worst thing I am disorganized about is the laundry, and I will always proudly tell J "it's all done!" Except, um, none of it is folded and there are 7 baskets of laundry upstairs.

I went over to buttoned up and remembered that we still need to get an emergency plan together. I have a list of numbers, but no plan.

Heather said...

My biggest organizational issue... I can't figure out what to do with my basement! Oh, how I want it to be better!

Heather said...

haha Oh, I often scoop the clutter from a surface into a laundry basket & stash it where I hope no one will look!

Heather said...

Just checked their site & they have really cute lunchbox notes & tons of other printables- sooo cute!! :)

Stuff Parents Need said...

We have an attic space in our home that I've never even been too! We've lived here 7 months, and I just keep sending my husband up with more stuff. He actually just put his foot down about this last week and told me that I HAD to come up and see just how packed and unorganized it is before I send up anything else.